Forest School Store



1. Look at the school store website and determine what you would like to buy.


2. Complete an order form (found in the computer lab). 


3. Staple the Burwell Bucks to your order form.

Completed order forms should be give to Mrs. Sandberg (room 21). Once the order is filled, it will be delivered to your classroom. 

$20 Burwell Buck limit per order. 
You can not request a color. 

3 Burwell Bucks

Super Hero Eraser
Super Hero Eraser

Bookworm Erasers

Bookworm Eraser

Snowman Pencil

Snowman Pencil

5 Burwell Bucks

Pencil Grip

Pencil Grips

Bookworm Bookmark
Bookworm Bookmark


Color Burst Eraser

7 Burwell Bucks

Light Bulb Sharpener
Light Bulb Pencil Sharpener

12 Burwell Bucks

Emoji Set
Emoji Notepad Set

Pearly Pencil Grips
Pearly Pencil Grips