faculty posing

West Haven Public Schools hosted its inaugural ‘Districtwide Faculty Spelling Bee’ on Thursday, May 2nd in the West Haven High School Auditorium. Lucille Portley, a speech therapist at Pagels Elementary School, spelled ‘Formaldehyde’ correctly to win the contest. She outlasted Matt Cohen, a math teacher at WHHS.

At the end of the event, WHHS Principal Dana Paredes announced winners from numerous categories as well. Those winners are the following: Biggest Cheering Section (Washington School); Best Theme (Pagels School); Best Costume (WHHS); Most Spirit (Bailey Middle School); Most Sponsors (Erin McCauley and Martha Jacobs, WHHS); and Most Likely to Need a Dictionary (Washington School).

The spelling bee featured six faculty members from six schools. The team names and members are listed below:

The West Haven High School Bee Devils

  • Mariam Alajjan 
  • Matt Cohen
  • Erin McCauley
  • Richelle Berretta
  • Martha Jacobs
  • Alissa Ficaro

The Bailey Teenie Weenie Spelling Beenies

  • Greg Heudorfer
  • Jen Lynch
  • Patty Torro 
  • Pat Toole
  • Lars Edeen
  • Billijo Brown

Carrigan: Avada Kedavra

  • Jackie Cincotta
  • Don Funaro
  • Eric Glagowski
  • Chris Kehoe
  • Kelly Marchitto
  • Frank Santacroce

Haley: Don't Stop BEEleavin'

  • Michelle Lonsdale
  • Jacqueline Forchetti
  • Jamie Fryer
  • Geralyn Thayer
  • Lauren Jacobs
  • Jackie Morrell

Pagels: The Spell Casters

  • Tracey Johnson
  • Christina Schoenamn
  • Tony Delvechio
  • Lisa Alteri
  • Lucille Portley
  • Joanne Guthrie

The Washington WannaBees 

  • Michaela Smith
  • Allison Wendt
  • Weston Thomas
  • Lisa Eberle
  • Allison Bernard
  • Olivia Panetti