Physical education teacher Glenn Healy watches kindergartner Lucas D'Amato jump over a bar in an obstacle course in the gymnasium at Savin Rock Community School in West Haven.

WEST HAVEN — For Neji Gerancon, his favorite part was running back-and-forth through the school gymnasium. Valerie Santiago said her favorite part was jumping over hurdles.

"I like going really high," said Valerie.

Officials at Savin Rock Community School believe that an obstacle course set up by physical education teacher Glenn Healy is the most fun the kindergarten students can have practicing for a test they don't even know they're going to take.

Starting in fourth grade leading up to high school, Connecticut students participate in a biannual fitness assessment that tests their fitness in four areas: aerobic endurance, flexibility, upper body strength and abdominal muscle strength. Students are expected to meet certain benchmarks for their age and sex. The state collects and reports data for what percentage of students meet or exceed the goal standards in all four areas.

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